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Glossary of the Online Photo Archive

Bildarchiv der Yannick Andrea GmbH, Fotograf SBF, Fotograf Graubünden, Schweiz


Rights Managed (RM)
With "Rights Managed" (RM), it is possible to use photographs exclusively for a period of time to be determined, without anyone else having the opportunity to use the same photograph. With this type of licensing, it is also possible to retroactively track whether a photograph has already been used. The license fee is calculated according to a designated use for the once defined use.
Model Release "editorial"
An existing "model release editorially" confirms that a person depicted has given his or her consent for editorial use.
Model Release "Commercial"
An existing "Model Release Commercial" confirms that a person depicted has given their consent for commercial use.P
property release
An existing "Property Release" confirms that e.g. a depicted brand or otherwise protected objects (houses, furniture, etc.) has been clarified and that the photograph can be used for advertising purposes. Without a "Property Release", a photograph can only be used in an editorial context with reference to the object, but not for commercial content.


dpi (dots per inch) is a unit of measurement for the resolution in print.
Pixel (dot) refers to the resolution of a screen or other digital reproduction device. The number of pixels determines the size of an image for digital display on a monitor / screen / beamer.
72 DPI
72 DPI is the commonly accepted resolution for digital ads.
150 DPI
150 DPI is used for different print formats.
300 DPI
300 DPI represents the usual print resolution for most prints.
Enlarge or reduce a digital photo. If a digital photo is reduced in size, i.e. the number of pixels per page is reduced, in simple terms the image does not lose sharpness because it is displayed smaller. If a digital photo is enlarged, i.e. the number of pixels per page is increased, the image becomes blurred because there is no actual information in the pixels and only "environment-based" interpolation is performed.

Detail of use

Editorial use of photographs refers to the illustration of the journalistic form of presentation such as reports, interviews, etc. in newspapers and magazines, online and in print. Information-oriented articles present a topic neutrally and in various forms and are therefore not commercially oriented.
Commercial / Advertising
Commercial use of photographs refers to the advertising use for a service or product with a certain point of view / opinion.

Types of use

Designates printed products such as newspapers, brochures, flyers, etc.
Designates uses on a web page
Editorial packages
Denotes a defined number of photographs for a defined application for editorial use.
Press kits
Refers to the use of a photograph with an accompanying text in a press communiqué, which is made available to media houses for free publication for a defined period of time.
Flat rate fee
The flat fee is a cross-media usage with a non-exclusive fee which includes print and online usage during a defined time period.
Electronic image part with advertising character, Internet advertisement

Eye-catcher for a product at the POS (point of sale), store poster, stand, presentation box, bulk basket, ceiling hanger, rotair

POS - material
Display illustrated with advertising message (photography), placed directly at the point of sale (POS)
Trade products
Denotes trade products such as postcards, calendars, covers of (trade) products.

Large photos
Denotes independent uses of up to 0.5m2 to 50m2 area.
Unique user
Number of visitors per month to an Internet address.


Last edited on January 27th, 2024, first version created: 25th of January 2021

Yannick Andrea GmbH, Photography & Photo Archive, Albula Valley, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland, SIYU - Professional Photography Switzerland
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