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 Photo Archive Yannick Andrea GmbH - Filisur - Albula Valley - Canton of Grisons - Switzerland 

The topics of the Photo Archive are the mountain regions of Switzerland with reports, portraits and long-term projects, flora and fauna, mountain agriculture, infrastructures, documentations and landscapes. Daily news, events in the sense of news and sports coverage are not processed.

The photographs are authentic in terms of photographic representation and situation on site, and are not processed, made oder produced by means of AI (artificial intelligence).

The Online Photo Archive of Yannick Andrea GmbH is a Swiss Photo Archive based in Filisur Canton Grisons Graubünden.

The Photo Archive is under construction. As of November 2023, it has over 7,000 photographs.

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Last edited: 15th of November 2023


Yannick Andrea GmbH, Photography & Photoarchive, Yannick Andrea, swiss professtional Photographer and film creator SBF, Canton of Grisons, Switzerland, Phone: +41 (0)81 404 12 74

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